At the LEC GmbH, we develop innovative solutions for green energy and transportation systems for a sustainable tomorrow. To this end, we are looking for creative researchers from different disciplines.
With our series „LEC engineers shape the future“ we would like to give you an insight into the daily work and our research topics.¬†ūüėä

„I am responsible for the Advanced Sensorics team. I really enjoy working in a multidisciplinary, multinational team/office and doing things that literally¬†have never been done before to contribute to the creation of green energy and transportation systems with the LEC.“¬†And currently we are looking for reinforcement for our team:
ūü϶¬†Bernhard Rossegger

‚ÄúWork at LEC consists of everything from CAD modeling, PCB design and programming to soldering, welding, or wiring on a testbench. We are involved in every step of projects, from sensor selection and planning, to assembly and processing of data. In each step, you get to work with different technologies and build skills over a broad array of subjects. I enjoy the opportunities for interdisciplinary work and learning from the outcomes of projects.‚ÄĚ
ūü϶ Ansel Higgs

„I am a¬†senior researcher¬†and¬†responsible for chemical analyses¬†at LEC.¬†What I appreciate the most at LEC is the¬†variety of the work. The research at LEC is not only literature research and writing reports but sometimes also work¬†with engines or in the¬†laboratory. International teams and a¬†friendly atmosphere makes LEC a¬†great place to work.‚Äú
ūü϶¬†Martin VaŇôeka

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