At the LEC, we develop innovative solutions for green energy and transportation systems for a sustainable tomorrow. To this end, we are looking for creative researchers from different disciplines.
With our series „LEC engineers shape the future“ we would like to give you an insight into the daily work and our research topics. 😊

„I am a researcher in the field combustion & fuels and responsible for the implementation team. After about 10 years at LEC, I still can state, that no day is like the other. In our projects, we not only use different types of fuel, we also have a wide variety of investigation focuses. Our goal is to define the best combustion concept to reach all emission targets and implement newest technologies to increase the efficiency. We also focus on mechanical investigation to increase the robustness and lifetime of the engine. A task that is always challenging and never boring.“ And currently we are looking for reinforcement for our team:


👩Gernot Kammel

“After having been more than 20 years in large engines business, I have joined the Large Engines Competence Center in 2020 for several reasons. Joining LEC enabled me to bring in my experience in large engines, simulation, project management, team building and leading and for me to work with young engineers in a flat hierarchy. Working at an engineering company gives a bit more freedom for not just triggering on production numbers, but also being right into the newest or future solution findings.
Working in the large engines area offers the broadest variance, at various applications (marine, locomotive, power generation, off-road, etc.), 2 & 4-stroke and all traditional, but also all new energy sources (diesel, marine diesel, heavy fuel oil, gas, waste-gases, bio-gases, E-fuels, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, battery and fuel cell solutions). Finally an unique and never boring challenge.”

👩Erich Egert

„I currently work as a project engineer at LEC GmbH. One key aspect of my work is to carry out and support tests on the engine test bench for the development, verification and validation of individual engine components or sustainable combustion processes. While the problem solving at the test bench, the documentation of the tests as well as the interpretation and presentation of the test results have top priority during the test phase, the writing of a report, the derivation of gained knowledge and optimisation measures are in the foreground of my activities during the post-processing phase.”

👩Christof Gumhold

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