“My experience during my internship at LEC was incredible. It was challenging to come from Brazil to Austria and to get used to a new routine in a different country, but the people were very receptive and made it a lot of fun.
LEC presented me with an exciting and complex project in which I could develop my technical and personal skills. During this time, I could always count on my supervisor, Professor Christian Laubichler and my work colleagues, who were very kind and helpful. It was a life-changing experience that brought me a lot of learning and good times. I thank IAESTE for the opportunity and LEC for receiving me so well.”

Caldeira de Almeida Ezequiel

“I had an immensely enriching experience during my five-month internship at LEC in Austria. Moving from Iran to Graz was a significant change for me, but the people here were incredibly warm and welcoming, which made it easier for me to adjust. Everyone in the team I was part of was so supportive and always willing to help me with any technical and mathematical issues I encountered, particularly my supervisor, Christian Laubichler, and my colleague Martin Kober. This period of my life was also particularly noteworthy in terms of independence and responsibility, which, although difficult at times, significantly increased my confidence. I am so grateful to the IAESTE organization and LEC company for giving me this opportunity. I can confidently say that this experience has been one of the most formative ones of my life.”

Salarian Zahra

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