At the LEC, we develop innovative solutions for green energy and transportation systems for a sustainable tomorrow. To this end, we are looking for creative researchers from different disciplines.
With our series „LEC engineers shape the future“ we would like to give you an insight into the daily work and our research topics. 😊

„I am responsible for the AI-enhanced Modeling team. Our focus is the integration of AI-related methods in our physics-based modeling approaches which enables the work in both worlds on a fundamental and application-oriented base.“ And currently we are looking for reinforcement for our team:

👩 Stefan Posch

“Working as a software developer alongside my studies gives me many opportunities to improve my programming skills, thanks to the quick and constructive feedback from colleagues and users. In LEC’s software development team I have the freedom to try out new approaches in a goal-oriented, friendly environment.”

👩Philipp Brandl

„I am PhD researcher with an interdisciplinary mission to apply machine learning, signal processing and physics to address the problem of combustion anomaly identification and develop effective virtual sensors. The huge amount of data from our test center offers an excellent basis for experiments. With convincing devotion and ambition, there is room for creativity that can lead to innovation.”

👩Achilles Kefalas

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