At the LEC, we develop innovative solutions for green energy and transportation systems for a sustainable tomorrow. To this end, we are looking for creative researchers from different disciplines.
With our series „LEC engineers shape the future“ we would like to give you an insight into the daily work and our research topics. 😊

„I am leading the research area “Combustion & Fuels” at the LEC. At the moment we focus our efforts on fuels from renewable sources – hydrogen, ammonia and methanol in particular – that we use in experimental investigations and simulations. We are currently a team of eleven mechanical engineers and would also like to welcome new team members who are interested to develop combustion systems for large bore engines for the power generation and marine sectors.“


👱‍♀️Nicole Wermuth

“I am a researcher in the field of combustion and fuels, one of LEC’s fields of expertise. What I like about working at LEC is the variety of activities I get in touch with: my work involves 1D engine simulations and 3D CFD simulations, but also test bed related tasks, such as organizing new measurement campaigns or setting up hardware. So far, I have worked mainly on hydrogen combustion concepts and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

👦Marcel Lackner

„Renewable fuels are the key to reach our target of zero C02 Emissions in the transport and power generation sectors and therefore I really “burn” for it to investigate in the fuels of the future. I am a research engineer at LEC in the field of combustion and fuels and my daily work deals with the further development of the combustion process of ammonia and hydrogen on a single cylinder research engine. It is really great fun to have the opportunity to test new combustion concepts and be a part of pushing the energy transition.”

👦Maximilian Malin

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