The LEC sees this initiative as a chance to communicate an interesting impression of technology and research in the area of large engines, especially to female high-school students. The further aim is to introduce them to innovative, future-oriented, and attractive career opportunities as well as the possibility of technical studies. The LEC offers an internship in the test beds of large engine research. At first the intern will receive a generally understandable introduction to large engine research, with a focus on the application of the internal combustion engine in marine propulsion, locomotive propulsion, and generator drive, for the electricity production as cogeneration units. After this she will be able to get to know the work at the test beds under experienced supervision as well as help with and get to know the collection of data and the evaluation of the research work of the LEC.


You can find out more about the internship programme here.

Information about the Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity at the Graz University of Technology is available here.

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