Key Features

  • Broad application: All forms of generic energy systems can be assessed
  • Easy to set up: Allows to quickly find rough statements about the performance of a system
  • Flexible modelling: Simulation is possible with simple/generic models, as well as with more complex models
  • Optimization: To find the best energy system layout and the best operating strategy; different kinds of optimization methods possible
  • Flexible extension possible: Easy adaption of tool structure and modules on new boundary definitions for special systems

LEC ENERsim in practice

The methodology is designed to model the exchange of generic energy flows. This means that different forms of energy can be covered and full sector coupling between electricity, heat, chemical energy and mobility is possible. Exemplary applications are the design of commercial and industrial power plants, conversion chains for synthetic fuels, or drive trains for transport applications (e.g. ships).


Do you need more detailed information on how ENERsim can be applied to your issue?

LEC ENERsim is continuously being further developed in internal projects, with many new features on the way (e.g. machine learning-based predictive control strategies).
We are always open to further develop the tool tailored to your use case!


Dr. Christian Strasser

Product Portfolio Manager & Sales
Phone:   +43 316 873 – 30066