Key Features

  • Fully digital system: small, high performance
  • Conversion from analog to digital measurement data on site: improved precision
  • Intermediate storage and signal processing possible at the transmission unit
  • Almost unlimited number of connectable sensors (regardless of their type) to one system
  • Real-time data acquisition and transfer with adaptable bandwidth, implemented by standardized technologies
  • Applicable in extremely harsh conditions
  • Battery-powered power supply for research&development applications and power harvesting for onboard solutions
  • Robust non-invasive design (weakening of instrumented parts is not necessary)
  • Modular structure, easily adaptable
  • Patented design features for reliable and continuous use in extremely challenging conditions

LEC Smart Telemetry in practical

Heat, pressure, high G-forces, vibration – extreme environmental conditions prevail in engines. The innovative sensor technology of the LEC makes it possible to record measurement variables that are difficult to access and to transmit the measurement data wirelessly. An individual solution is developed for each application. But all solutions have one thing in common: they demonstrate once again how smart solutions make engines more efficient and sustainable.

A specific telemetry system is customized for each customer and the respective sensor technology is applied. The special feature of LEC Smart Telemetry is also, among other things, that stable measurements under extreme environmental conditions (heat, pressure, vibrations, high G-forces) become possible.
The Fast Forward Award 2019 confirms the high degree of innovation of LEC Smart Telemetry.