Area X

Simulation & Validation

Models for detailed simulation of combustion and related systems
Models for overall system optimization
Comprehensive database for model development
Realtime models for transient SCE control
Reliable methodology for highly precise data acquisition and analysis


  • Expanded simulation of gas and dual fuel combustion
  • Test bed setup for transient SCE operation
  • Detailed analysis and plausibility check of test bed results
  • Detailed modeling of ignition and flame kernel propagation


Area Manager: Dr. Gerhard Pirker




Area A

Natural Gas & Special Gas Combustion

High efficiency with lowest possible emissions
Improved fuel flexibility (fluctuating gas quality and special gases)
Competitive transient behavior for high performance gas engines
Ignition technologies of the future


  • Efficient combustion concepts with low emissions
  • Efficient combustion of special gases
  • Highly dynamic operation of gas engines
  • Improved ignition systems


Area Manager: DI Jan Zelenka




Area B

Dual Fuel Combustion

Design of wide range diesel injectors for dual fuel operation
High performance diesel-gas and gas-diesel concepts
Optimized dynamic operation and fuel switching strategies


  • Improved injection systems for dual fuel operation
  • Combustion concepts with low emissions and high efficiency
    for dual fuel operation
  • Highly dynamic operation of dual fuel engines
  • Strategies for switching between gas and diesel operation


Area Manager: Dr. Christoph Redtenbacher




Area C

Robust Engine Solutions

The goal of research in Area C is to develop integrated solutions for robust and reliable large engine concepts. Engine components and systems are optimized to increase durability and reduce wear using simulation methods (3D CFD, finite element method) in combination with experimental investigations that apply special measurement techniques.


The research program includes the following projects:

  • Integrated Approach for Cylinder Pressure Based Engine Control
  • Advanced Bearing Technology and Friction Reduction for Large Engines
  • Advanced Piston Design for High Performance Gas and Dual Fuel Engines
  • Online Measurement of Oil Consumption Based on the Tracer Method


Area Manager: Dr. Michael Engelmayer