The COMET Module LEC HybTec pools competences and complementary technologies through interdisciplinary cooperation with renowned partners in order to derive completely new concepts that meet the challenges future engine technology will face. This combination of established and new technologies from complementary areas of expertise into hybrid methods opens up new perspectives on engine development and system optimization and contributes in particular to the overcoming of actual limits to the effective development of large engines. The hybrid approaches considered by the research program focus on fusing physical models and data-driven models to optimize overall sustainable energy systemsand improve the predictive quality of simulation processes, as well as to use ceramic-metal material combinations in the design of highly stressed engine components such as spark plugs and pistons.  

The search for the optimal combination of complementary methods is a scientific challenge that has hardly been explored in the context of large engine technology and therefore offers great potential for future engine concepts.

On the whole, the research program of the COMET Module LEC HybTec strengthens and expands the world leading position of the LEC in the field of sustainable large engine development by significantly expanding the range of competences at the center. The resulting innovative solutions provide the LEC and its partners with a significant scientific and technological advantage.This also sustainably strengthens Styria and Austria as business region for innovative green technologies


AVL List GmbH

INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & CO OG


KNOW-Center GmbH

Graz University of Technology




Launch of six new COMET modules confirmed, funding secured for four years. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Economic Affairs will invest around twelve million in six new COMET modules in the coming years, including the module “LEC HybTec – Hybrid Technologies for Enhanced Reliability of Ultra High-performance Engines” by LEC GmbH in Graz. With this funding decision, the two ministries are following the recommendation of an international jury of experts.

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Towards zero emissions

Expert commentary by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Wimmer in DiePresse on the pioneering role of the LEC in the field of simulation and digitisation.The new COMET module ‘LEC HybTec’ plays an important role in the further development of the digitisation strategy in order to be able to depict so far non-simulable phenomena through hybrid modelling.

Link to Press report in DiePresse on the focus issue on digitalisation from 18.11.2019


Today 3D CFD simulations are most commonly used for detailed calculation of highly complex internal engine processes.

To significantly reduce computation times without loss of quality in the results, the COMET Module LEC HybTec research team uses hybrid modeling as an innovative approach that combines simulations with coarsely resolved grids with the method of physics-informed neural networks (PINNs) which is proving to be particularly promising for this type of application.

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