Engine Research Essential for Climate Protection


According to current numbers freight transport will continue to increase worldwide in the future. While the efficiency and the emissions of utility vehicles, ships, trains and more have greatly improved over the last years there is still room for further development. Research with a strong focus on sustainability, like it is being conducted at the Large Engines Competence Center (LEC)…

When Engines Run Cold


The current Team Leader of Sensor Development & Test Rigs at the Large Engines Competence Center, Dr. Sebastian Salbrechter, wrote his dissertation on the topic of optimum operating temperatures in passenger car engines. In European countries the average driving distance for passenger cars is only 5 km. This results in operating temperatures which lie far from the optimum. The newspaper…

TU Graz Continues Research on Combustion Engines Despite Electrical Engine Trend


In spite of the recent trend towards electrically powered vehicles in urban traffic, combustion engines will remain essential in many sectors. Out of technical reasons it will be impossible to use electric engines in areas such as transport and the generation of energy in the foreseeable future. APA Science reported about this.