Partnermeeting of the COMET Module LEC HybTec


“Hybrid Technologies for Sustainable Systems” was the motto of the first partner meeting of the COMET module LEC HybTec on March 17 in Graz, where first-class scientists exchanged ideas with representatives of leading companies on the topics of hybrid modeling and hybrid materials. The scientific staff of the LEC and the partners gave a comprehensive insight into the latest results of their research work. Five outstanding technical presentations spanned the spectrum from hybrid modeling of knocking events and cycle fluctuations in engines to the optimization of complex overall systems for power plant and marine applications to the simulation of tribological systems and novel ceramic electrode materials for highly stressed spark plugs. Additionally, an excellent keynote lecture by guest speaker Prof. Thomas Pock (TU Graz) on “Learning with Physics-based Models” provided an overview of the application of hybrid methods in other scientific disciplines.  Representatives of all scientific partners (TU Graz, MUL and Know-Center) and industrial partners (AVL, INNIO Jenbacher and HOERBIGER) were present and enjoyed this unique event.


“The presentations at the LEC HybTec partner meeting have impressively demonstrated the competence of the involved research teams. The interim results shown on hybrid physics/data-based modeling of engine processes make a successful implementation of the underlying research tasks seem very likely.”

Dr. Reinhard TATSCHL, AVL List GmbH


“The LEC HybTec Partner Meeting was a very successful and well organized event. The individual projects were presented very well, they are of highest relevance for future developments and we are already excited about the next development steps. ”

Dr. Stephan Laiminger, INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & CO OG


“Being involved as a scientific partner in two of the subprojects, we from the Know-Center GmbH were excited to learn about the progress of the other subprojects and to hear about the specific needs of the company partners. The meeting was organized very well, and after two years determined by the pandemic, it was a pleasure to meet the entire consortium in person. We are looking forward to second half of LEC HybTec.”

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Inf. Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt, Know-Center GmbH


“The LEC HybTec Partner Meeting offered an excellent overview of all project-related research activities. We also presented the research contributions from our Chair. Overall, the perfectly organized meeting was a complete success for the project and pointed out how relevant the already worked out and still to be elaborated issues are for the future.”

Dr. Manuel Gruber, Chair of Structural and Functional Ceramics, Montanuniversität Leoben



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Fotos: Jorj Konstantinov