The demand for mobility, transport and energy supply is continuously increasing worldwide. What do sustainable concepts look like and what solutions are already available? This question was the focus of the symposium for “Sustainability in Mobility, Transport and Energy Production” on 23 and 24 September 2021 at the Graz Congress. The essential key technologies are to be found in the area of future fuels (hydrogen, e-fuels, etc.), new and further developed engine and exhaust gas aftertreatment concepts as well as the electrification of drives. An extremely high level of system integration, digitalisation and simulation will enable and accompany the path to these new solutions.

The congress was held in a hybrid form for the first time. In addition to the almost 200 participants present, 30 interested people took the opportunity to follow the congress via WebexEvents. In more than 40 presentations by international experts, new approaches and already implemented concepts for solving these global challenges were explained and subsequently discussed. Various drive concepts based on combustion engines, fuel cells, hybrid and battery electric systems will be used for this purpose in the future. The main goal and at the same time the greatest challenge for their development is environmental compatibility and sustainability. For internal combustion engines, which are used in many cases and in some applications with high energy requirements practically exclusively, the focus is on the further reduction of pollutant emissions to a “zero impact” level and the achievement of extremely ambitious CO2 target values.

As is tradition, a guided tour of the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics (IVT) and the Large Engine Competence Center (LEC), the two organisers of this conference, took place again this year on the day before the event.

Our subsequent “get-together” at the Graz Congress started with the award ceremony of the CIMAC CASCADES Seminar, which offers young engineers the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and network with leading industry experts. The aim of this seminar is to inspire and encourage students and young engineers to pursue a career in engineering.

This year, our evening event also had a very special motto: the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics (IVT) was able to celebrate its 100th anniversary with an evening event at the Alte Universität Graz with the participants of our conference, albeit with a limited number of attendees.

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