290 experts and participants from 12 countries spent two days discussing current trends in engine research. The guests from Europe, Japan, China, Brazil, and the USA accepted the invitation of the Large Engines Competence Center (LEC) and the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics (IVT) to the 15th conference “The Working Process of the Internal Combustion Engine”. The international conference was dedicated to Prof. Rudolf Pischinger to celebrate his 80th birthday. He organized the first conference in 1987 to celebrate the 80th birthday of Prof. Anton Pischinger.

44 technical presentations were held on topics ranging from high performance power units for motorcycles, to passenger cars and trucks, to large engines for ships and power generation. Lectures, exhibitions, and networking events encouraged intensive technical discussions. The subjects of interest included challenging targets such as diesel and SI engines with extremely low emissions, IC engines with hybrid powertrains, further increases in efficiency for all engines and related technologies such as efficient waste heat recovery, as well as concepts for alternative fuels.

The participants and lecturers came from the business world, academia, and the public sector. High level representatives of leading vehicle and engine manufacturers, engineering companies, and institutes of technical universities in the German speaking world participated and discussed new concepts and findings for the internal combustion engines of tomorrow.

The conference program can be accessed here. More Information is available at ivt.tugraz.at.

All photos of the 15th “The Working Process of the Internal Combustion Engine” Conference can be accessed here

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