The international CIMAC Congress takes place every three years and offers a unique opportunity to stay up to date with the combustion engine industry and to discuss it with other experts. CIMAC is a worldwide non-profit association, which operates in 26 member countries in America, Asia, and Europe. Member such as engine manufacturers, users, and suppliers, as well as ship-owners, universities, and other interested bodies have access to a wealth of state-of-the-art knowledge, experience, and the CIMAC network. The publications to be presented by Prof. Wimmer are called “Detailed Assessment of an Advanced Wide Range Diesel Injector for Dual Fuel Operation of Large Engines”, “Advantages of Statistical Methods in Development of Combustion Concepts for Large Engines”, and “Method for Analyzing Prechamber NOx Emissions from Large Gas Engines“.

The CIMAC congress is the worldwide leading symposium for large engine developers und users. This makes it a very interesting and exciting event. The LEC is proud to have had the opportunity to present three excellent papers to such a large audience. Andreas Wimmer, CEO LEC Ltd.

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