At the LEC, we are convinced that equal opportunities and diversity are essential factors for successfully mastering the complex questions of the future. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is an occasion for us to give an insight into the everyday research life of some female colleagues in order to inspire even more female researchers for our topics.

„My work as a student employee at the LEC gives me the chance to get an insight into technical professions and thus create a picture for my working life after my studies. Through the different areas of the company, you get a good impression of various fields, whether it is at the test bench, the evaluation of data or the production of our telemetry products. My work also helps me to put the knowledge I learned at university into practice.“
👩Verona Fölzer

„At the LEC we investigate complex issues for a sustainable future of energy and transport systems. One success factor in this context is equal opportunities and diversity. I am particularly pleased that we at the LEC have succeeded in inspiring female researchers from a wide range of disciplines to work on our topics. Diversity boosts success – this is especially true for our research.”
👦Andreas Wimmer, CEO and co-founder of LEC GmbH

“I am leading the research area “Combustion & Fuels” at the LEC. Our team uses experiments on single cylinder research engines and various simulation methods to develop combustion systems for large bore engines. At the moment we focus our efforts on fuels from renewable sources – hydrogen, ammonia and methanol. It’s an exciting time to work on these technologies since together with our project partners we can contribute to the decarbonization of the power generation and marine sectors. “
👩Nicole Wermuth

„I have always been interested in how our energy infrastructure works and how its operation affects the environment and society. I found an exciting field of activity at the LEC, which has set itself the task of creating the prerequisites for the energy transition, namely to develop the engines for flexible and sustainable energy supply.“
👩Wibke Tritthart

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