On 25 September, research institutions from all over the world met at the LEC in Graz to launch the first large engine network “LEGRIP”. The Large Engines Global Research an Innovations Platform, or LEGRIP for short, is the very first global research network in the field of large engines.  Initiated and coordinated by the LEC, it offers the opportunity for intensive exchange and collaboration between its members.

“In order to master global challenges such as achieving climate targets, we must pool our strengths and know-how and promote targeted exchange. International networking is central to research, and science thrives on the exchange of information. That was the motivation for us to initiate LEGRIP,” says Andreas Wimmer, CEO of the LEC.

At this initial meeting, the founding members agreed on the following main topics:

  • Identifying and assessing global trends and challenges in the field of energy generation and transport
  • Promoting international exchange between scientists and researchers
  • Sharing ideas, best practices and open research results
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

The platform is intended to motivate all participants together to make progress in various areas and also to address topics such as the proportion of women in technology.


Another meeting is planned, until then:

Let’s shape the future together for a sustainable tomorrow!