On the 30th of May 2016 the “Profil” published and article about the research on environmentally safe boat engines. Because the LEC is one of the three largest research centres for large engines worldwide, they also conduct research on this topic. According to Andreas Wimmer, CEO and Scientific Director of the LEC Ltd., hydrogen could be a CO2-free ship fuel. He further states, that the principle of this approach would be simple. The ships would store the gas methanol and convert it to hydrogen during the journey. The CO2 created in this process would be liquefied and re-entered into the cycle once the ships reach their destination. One of the reasons for a lack of initiatives in this field is that the largest parts of the oceans are international waters. This means that the 170 members of the International Marine Organization would have to agree on a common emission limit. However, the research that the LEC does on marine engine propulsion only happens on the side, the main focus of the research centre is large engines for power stations and railway locomotives.

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