The development of new generations of internal combustion engines wouldn’t be possible without precise and reliable analytical methods. We would like to introduce our latest publication about the new lubrication oil consumption method (LOC). The LOC measurement is based on a deuterium non-radioactive tracer, prepared directly from base oil, which ensures minimal effect on lubrication oil properties. This paper provides guidance on the selection of a suitable deuterium tracer with minimal impact and describes a simple and affordable synthesis method for it.
It is also the scientific basis of our commercially available LEC Oil Tracer.

Martin Vařeka Vareka, Bernhard Rossegger, Franz Novotny-Farkas, Michael Engelmayer, Andreas Wimmer
Deuterium Tracer for Accurate Online Lube-Oil-Consumption Measurement: Stability, Compatibility and Tribological Characteristics
Journal; DOI; Lubricants 2022, 10, 84; 3 May 2022


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