Austria's Big Player for Large Engine Research

The innovative power of Styria makes it one of Europe’s most successful regions. This can best be seen when at factors such as the Research and Development quotient: With a record-breaking 5.14 percent, Styria is clearly above the Austrian average of 3.14 percent. The industrial location is represented particularly impressively every year at the Fast Forward Award, Styria’s economic award.

The LEC is among the five companies nominated for the prestigious award in the category Institutions of Research and Development. The project is a real-time telemetry system, a highly flexible, robust and powerful sensor solution, that can withstand the greatest stress in extreme engine situations. The greatest challenges  are the extreme conditions for sensor technology and data transmission. They have to function continuously for several thousand hours at high temperatures, strong vibrations and high centrifugal forces.

The Large Engines Competence Center (LEC) is Austria’s leading research facility for large engines. The LEC’s developments are the foundation for the technological leap towards the next generation of gas and dual fuel engines.