LEC Seasonal greetings

An exciting year is coming to an end with some challenges but many joyful moments!

In 2022, for example, we have received the approval for our COMET K1 research program LEC GETS (Green Energy and Transportation Systems).

We have completed a successful midterm review for the COMET module LEC HybTec (Hybrid Technologies for enhanced reliability of ultrahigh performance).

Our HyMethShip concept for green shipping was awarded with the Energy Globe Styria.

The unique LEC research infrastructure was extended to include ammonia refueling. We have thus further expanded our pioneering role in the field of e-fuel research and green tech.

And finally, we are very proud that we can start into the next year with our entire team and even want to take on more young research talents and test bench engineers.

Together with our partners, we aim at contributing significantly to the achievement of the climate targets with our research.

In this spirit, we wish you a happy new year, good luck and good health.

LEC – your research partner for a sustainable tomorrow


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