The journal is the official magazine of CIMAC (The International Council on Combustion Engines) and publishes detailed reports about large engines and industrial engines of all kinds. Scientific authors, as well as ones from the practical field, report about current technology trends and the latest research results. All articles are published in English. Prof. Wimmer’s paper is called “GE’s J920 FleXtra Gas Engine for 60 Hz Applications“.

Publishing our results in journals is relevant and extremely important, especially because MTZ industrial is one of the most important journals for large engines.  -Andreas Wimmer, CEO LEC Ltd.


Recommended citation:

GE’s J920 FleXtra Gas Engine for 60 Hz Applications. / Birgel, Andreas; Köberl, Stefan.; Trapp, Christian; Wimmer, Andreas.
in: MTZ industrial, Band 6, Nr. 1, 09.03.2016, S. 14-21.

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