Even though electrical engines will become increasingly prevalent in urban traffic, internal combustion engines will remain non-replaceable in many sectors. According to Andreas Wimmer, CEO of the LEC, cargo shipping is not realizable with electric propulsion for technological reasons. Therefore it is even more important to continue to step on the gas in the research and development of large engines. Through the targeted redevelopment and research conducted at the LEC, it was possible to reduce the emissions of a high-capacity power plant in Kiel, Germany, by 70 percent, says Stephan Laiminger of the LEC partner GE Jenbacher. Because of this success as well as many others the LEC has positioned itself as a global leader in the research on large engines.

The institute and research centre LEC is clearly a global leader.   -Horst Bischof, Vice-Rector at Graz University of Technology

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Trend Science, August 2017