The Rostock Large Engines Symposium is a conference for large ship engines which takes place every two years. It provides a forum for researchers, developers, and operators of large engines as well as legislators to present and discuss new research and findings. Compliance with future emission limits and boundary conditions in the large ship engines industry as well as the striving for low-emission, or even emission-free, engines are of particular importance. This year’s conference will be a hybrid for the very first time; attendance is possible on site or online.

Prof. Andreas Wimmer, CEO and scientific director of the LEC, will be chair of session 7 on September 4th 2020. Dr. Nicole Wermuth will present her paper entitled Hydrogen / methanol and hydrogen / diesel dual fuel combustion systems for sustainable maritime applications during session 3 on September 3rd 2020.

The paper and presentation are about the research on the HyMethShip-project, which aims to perfect a hydrogen-fuelled engine which stores the CO2 created by combustion and utilizes it in the creation of hydrogen, in order to reduce CO2 emission by 97%. This research is carried out at the Center for Alternative Propulsion, which has been specially set up at the LEC.


Read the complete abstract on page 11 of the Book of Abstracts of the conference.

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