The International Symposium for Combustion Diagnostics is held annually by the AVL and dedicates itself to the development of optimal combustion engines and the necessary methods and metrology necessary for this. The conference is held in German and English and translated simultaneously. The title of Prof. Wimmer’s, CEO and Scientific Director of the LEC, is “Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Prüfstandsmesstechnik auf Basis der Zylinderdruckindizierung und Wege zur Plausibilisierung der Messergebnisse“ and was co-written with Dr. Gerhard Pirker, Michael Wohlthan, and Prof. Helmut Eichlseder.

The symposium is a very important and interesting event. Each year the limits of what can be measured are redefined.  -Andreas Wimmer, CEO LEC Ltd.

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