The Vienna Engine Symposium is an annual international event held by the ÖVK (Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers). The specialist convention is a worldwide leading event of its kind. More than 1000 leading personalities gather to attend lectures and the accompanying exhibition. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for networking and the exchange of opinions. Together with Dr. C. Redtenbacher, Dipl.-Ing. C. Kiesling, Dipl.-Ing. F. Sprenger, P. Fasching MSc. ETH, and Prof. H. Eichlseder Prof. Wimmer held a talk on „Dual Fuel Brennverfahren – Ein zukunftsweisendes Konzept vom PKW- bis zum Großmotorenbereich?” on the first day of the symposium.

The event is the most important Symposium for car applications. We learned a lot about the newest trends of the automotive industry. The symposium masters the connection from mobile applications to large engines and displays the latest developments.  -Andreas Wimmer, CEO LEC GmbH


Recommened citation:

Dual Fuel Brennverfahren – Ein zukunftsweisendes Konzept vom Pkw- bis zum Großmotorenbereich? / Redtenbacher, Christoph; Kiesling, Constantin; Wimmer, Andreas; Sprenger, Florian; Fasching, Paul; Eichlseder, Helmut.
Tagungsband, 37. Internationales Wiener Motorensymposium. ed. / Hans Peter Lenz. Vol. Nr. 799 VDI Verlag Wien, 2016. p. 403-428.


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