On the 24th and 25th of November 2015 the 10th International Symposium of the “Motortechnische Zeitschrift” about On- and Off-Highway Engines took place in Speyer, Germany. During this year’s conference on the topic of “Zukunftsfähige Konzepte auf dem Prüfstand“ experts provide an insight into the current state of development and the newest research results. “A new approach for combustion modeling of large dual-fuel engines” was written by Markus Krenn, Gerhard Pirker, Christoph Redtenbacher and Andreas Wimmer, CEO and Scientific Director of the LEC.

Dual fuel technology in the are of large engines will play a very important role in the future. Because of very high degrees of freedom simulation in this area is given very high importance. The presented model can be used with our own software products. This means that its quality is so high that they can be integrated into software products.  -Andreas Wimmer, CEO LEC Ltd.

Recommended citation:

A new approach for combustion modeling of large dual-fuel engines. / Krenn, Markus; Pirker, Gerhard; Redtenbacher, Christoph; Wimmer, Andreas.
MTZ-Fachtagung Heavy-Duty-, On- und Off-Highway-Motoren. ., 2015. p. 1-19.


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