Austria has committed to getting all of its power from renewables by 2030, putting an end to natural gas generation in the next 10 years. To help reach those targets, state-controlled Verbund is recruiting researchers from across Europe to plug into its gas plant in Mellach, offering companies a test bed where they can monitor new hydrogen technologies under real-world conditions.

It can cost upwards of 7 million euros to construct a lab capable of testing hydrogen technologies over a span of several months, according to Andreas Wimmer, the CEO of the Large Engine Competency Center. He helps companies (…)  to optimize the thermal dynamic performance of their engines by setting up hundreds of sensors that monitor and record how hydrogen burns.

“Hydrogen is very easy to combust, with an ignition ratio that’s wider than other fuels,” Andreas Wimmer, CEO and scientific director of the LEC said, referring to the relatively low amount of energy required to burn the gas.

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