The successful COMET module application team (from left to right): Marc Klawitter, Stefan Posch, Gerhard Pirker, Clemens Gößnitzer, Martin Vareka with active support from Krystof

The new COMET module LEC FFF – FUTURE FUEL FUNDAMENTALS, funded by the Austrian Ministry for Climate Protection (BMK), the Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMAW) and the Provinces of Styria and Tyrol, will provide the scientific basis for novel development methods and tools to advance the use of ammonia in internal combustion engines.

Unlike hydrogen, ammonia can be transported and stored in liquid form at near-ambient temperature and pressure, which qualifies it for mobile applications such as locomotives, ships and mining trucks, as well as seasonal energy storage. The main challenges in the conversion of ammonia in internal combustion engines are the very poor combustion characteristics, the emissions that differ significantly from those of fossil fuels and the impact on the tribological system. Therefore, the COMET LEC FFF module focuses on the detailed physical characterization of ammonia combustion, fundamental studies on emission formation and the effects on lubricants and materials. The scientific lead is Dr Gerhard Pirker. The module was launched on 1 January 2024 and will run for 4 years.