Around 100 participants took the opportunity to get to know the results of the HyMethShip project. The event was announced by the project partners to their business contacts and was conducted online.
Registrations came from 18 countries and 4 continents, which shows how far the project has spread.

The business sector from which the audience came was also broad: The majority were researchers, with shipping companies, builders and operators accounting for the next largest share. Engine manufacturers and other industries were also well represented, as were consultants and engineering firms, classification societies and administrations.

Four expert presentations gave authentic and detailed information about all involved technologies, how these are working in combination to ensure an efficient propulsion system and driving the carbon capture and storage components with the waste heat of the engine (Dr. Nicole Wermuth, LEC). The HyMethShip concept was evaluated to be particularly suitable for Passenger and cruise ships on travels up to 600 nautical miles and for bigger ships (tankers and Ro-Ro cargo ships on high sea voyages (Dr. Joannes Ellis, SSPA). Promising are also the results of the environmental and the cost assessments by means of a LCA- and a LCC-study (Dr. Selma Brynolf, CTH) as well as the safety assessment (Dr. Alex Pedgrift, Dr. Abhijit Aul, Lloyds Register).

The tenor of the discussion was that the HyMethShip system could prove its feasibility and represents an attractive way to achieve far-reaching decarbonization of the shipping sector. The elegance of the system is especially reflected in the closing of the carbon cycle which is achieved by incorporating a pre-combustion carbon capture process.

The interest of the participants was high, and was also demonstrated by the fact that all stayed until the end of the event.


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