Dipl.-Ing. Rossmann held a presentation titled “Experimental Evaluation and Quasi-dimensional Modeling of Hydrogen Combustion for Sustainable Maritime Applications“. It was recorded in advance and participants of the conference had the possibility of submitting questions on the conference’s online platform.

HyMethShip system innovatively combines a membrane reactor, a CO2 capture system, a storage system for CO2 and methanol as well as a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine into one system. The proposed solution reforms methanol to hydrogen, which is then burned in a conventional reciprocating engine that has been upgraded to operate with multiple fuel types and specially optimized for hydrogen use. The drastic CO2 reduction is the result of using renewable methanol as the energy carrier and implementing pre-combustion CO2 capture and storage on the ship. The renewable methanol fuel bunkered on the ship is ideally produced on-shore from the captured CO2, thus closing the CO2 loop of the ship propulsion system.


Dipl.-Ing. Roßmann’s presentation
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